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French-Andalusian agency in web marketing and social networks

ComCom Malaga devient AIM

ComCom Malaga se modernise et devient Andalucía Interactive Marketing (AIM), pour proposer des services plus complets aux entreprises.

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Admire the sunset. Surround yourself with angels, positive energies, beautiful people, a beautiful community and pure hearts.



Remember that there are many competitors in the jungle. To beat them, you need to be organised and then you will reach paradise.



See how the hedges are shaped? It’s important that they are well trimmed, it’s like having your hair cut. Keep it fresh.



If they don’t see you, you will never see them. To be successful, you work hard but you also have to make it known to make history.


In the end

We design : 


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5 000€

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General manager

A great fan of Street Art, her blog “Amoureux de l’Andalousie” and her followers gather tens of thousands of French speakers in Andalusia and around the world. Nadège is the link between our clients and their community and helps them manage their image on the networks.

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Program manager

Even Picasso, at one point, needed to be accompanied, as did our clients and our team. Gautier’s mission is to analyse and optimise each project from a marketing and sales point of view and to link our clients’ projects with the actions of our team.


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Marketing designer

Iris has a very sharp sense of design, she is a creator with a graphic universe and a sharp vision of the Marketing Designer’s job. Her sensitivity and her mastery of Photoshop mean that her graphic creations never go unnoticed and neither do our clients.

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Website & SEO Specialist

Max is the geek of the team, he codes WordPress websites like no other. He is a pragmatic person who centralizes everyone’s impressions to generate original websites. Max also knows how to use Google’s algorithms to make websites perform well in SEO.

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Post-editorial translator

Sophie is the Andalusian member of the team, Spanish at heart, and because of her origins she translates texts and projects for our clients into Spanish. Sophie is also a great lover of Andalusian culture and brings an extra regional eye to our work for our clients.

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